Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Safer Plastics

We all know there are some questions floating around about the safety of plastics. Even my Pediatrician mentioned not using certain plastic baby bottles. I thought I would post a great link from the Oregon Environmental Council on plastics. Visit for a quick guide to plastics

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This Is What 5 Months Old Looks Like

Love You more everyday!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Welcome Back Kitty!

I must tell you a crazy story. 8/8/08-my parents cat, Shadow (who is a hermaphrodite-I know you wanted to know that) went out in the morning with my Dad to get the paper. Shadow then stayed outside to do her "business" as usual. She must have strayed off & never came back. My parents were pretty upset.

Flash forward to Saturday night (9/13/08) Tony & I went to my parents for dinner. After dinner we went to out old house (in the same neighborhood as my parents) to clear out some things. On the way we stopped to help a boy catch his dog & picked up a free playset that someone was giving away. We unloaded the playset, reloaded the car & headed back to my parents to pick up Andy. Half way there a cat runs in front of the car & I yell "Holy S**t" "That's Shadow-stop the car" I started calling Shadow, Kitty. She started coming toward me but when I stepped toward her she stopped. I was so afraid she was going to run into the woods & be lost forever. So, I sat down on the sidewalk & called her. This time she came close enough that I grabbed the scruff on the back of her neck. Then I started saying to Tony, "get in the car, get in the car." He had to then get out again to close my door because I wasn't going to let go of the cat & take a chance on losing her. When we got to my parents house Tony opened the door & told my parents we had a surprise for them. I walked in with cat in arms. My Mother said "That's not Shadow!" I was freaked I thought I had kidnapped someones cat. Then tears welled up in her eyes & she sort of lumbered toward me, I knew she realized it was Shadow. Since she was holding Andy I told her to give the baby to Tony. Dad had to go get a new litter box & food at the grocery because they had thrown them out that week, thinking she was never coming back. After he got back we had dessert & what a celebration ensued that night. Welcome Home Kitty, I guess you used one of those 9 lives!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Tech Fast

Tony & I have been feeling like we are on a whirlwind. So, we have decided to do a tech fast next weekend, which is basically laying off technology for 48 hours. So from Friday (9/12/08) 6pm to Sunday (9/14/08) 6pm we will be unplugged, here are our rules.

1. No TV (Unless there is an immediate threat from a hurricane, then The Weather Channel is occasionally permissible to receive updates)
2. No computers, laptops, blackberries, PDAs (must be in the off position)
3. No Radio (MP3, iPod, XM, Cds or other music is also not permitted)
4. No Phones-home or cell (cell phones will be allowed to remain on in case of emergency. Anyone calling to chat will have calls returned after the fast ends)

I think that is it-sometimes you just have to slow down & quiet your mind, ya know? I will give a full report of the weekend after the fast.