Sunday, September 07, 2008

Tech Fast

Tony & I have been feeling like we are on a whirlwind. So, we have decided to do a tech fast next weekend, which is basically laying off technology for 48 hours. So from Friday (9/12/08) 6pm to Sunday (9/14/08) 6pm we will be unplugged, here are our rules.

1. No TV (Unless there is an immediate threat from a hurricane, then The Weather Channel is occasionally permissible to receive updates)
2. No computers, laptops, blackberries, PDAs (must be in the off position)
3. No Radio (MP3, iPod, XM, Cds or other music is also not permitted)
4. No Phones-home or cell (cell phones will be allowed to remain on in case of emergency. Anyone calling to chat will have calls returned after the fast ends)

I think that is it-sometimes you just have to slow down & quiet your mind, ya know? I will give a full report of the weekend after the fast.


Cheryl said...

Guess that means you can't go to the Y crop?

Where should I send the flower arrangement...Blount & Curry?? LOL.

Sounds like you better make sure there is alot of BC around unless you want Andy to get a sibling. What else is there to do?

Denise said...

LOL.. Tech Fast... good luck with that...

We'll miss you at the Y... enjoy dinner with your parents..

miss you!