Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Warning-BIG Soapbox

I don't usually rant (on my blog-at least) Of course those who know me well, know I can rant with the best of them. I am in sales after all. So, today I shall rant. Oh! Oh! where do I start. I fume so bad sometimes my mind is all a scramble. I guess it starts with Earth Day-what the hell is this??? One day a year to be good to planet Earth? Shut up I say- why practice one day-what is THAT going to do? Just let the world go to hell one more day a year.
Lets go back to high school when I was in the Ecology club or that short stint in college where I had declared Ecology as my major (until I was knee high in some backwoods swamp with spiders the size of dinner plates & snakes swimming by) Ok, how about Interior Design-ahhh better. I have practiced saving the Earth everyday since way back. I recycle everything, turn off lights, stop drafts, blah, blah, blah. But I guess I get steamed about Earth Day the way my husband gets steamed about Valentines Day. We are forced to do something. Not because you want to save the planet, not because you want your child to drink clean water in the future. Not because you don't want your grandchildren to be born with 3 eyes & a horn; because it is trendy. YOU SUCK. I think using more paper & ink & gas to deliver these stupid advertisements for Earth Day has done far more harm than good. Everywhere I looked today I saw some new crap for Earth Day. How about Reduce-not produce more crap (no we need new logos & slogans on those ads). How about reuse this crap next year (no we will need a new message & flashier sh*t). How about Recycle (too hard-easier to throw them in the trash). YOU SUCK TOO! Earth Day has become one more trendy holiday to get people to buy crap they probably will not reuse or recycle. I have an idea...take your family to a nature preserve, a state or national park, show them what this Earth truly has to offer & why we need to protect it; each day, each minute & each second. Might I suggest the Hillsborough River State Park, beautiful hiking, canoing, birdwatching & the clean clear sounds of nature. Hopefully sans the spiders & snakes. I can't wait to read the comments on this one. Happy Earth Day!