Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pushing Daisies

Have you seen this show, well Tony & I weren't sure about it at first, more like addicted to it. You know when you pass an accident & can't help but look, that is this show. It is so unique & refreshing (not a reality show, hospital show, or stupid pet tricks, etc) We are hooked. So, Tony comes running into the room telling me it is coming back on TV. I just looked it up-he's right (yeah) Starting October 1st it will be on Wednesdays on ABC. There is one drawback to the show. It is centered around a guy who is a pie maker (owns The "Pie Hole") Every time we watch we end up getting pies the next day-OK, so maybe not a drawback-Yum. So on October 1st we will be snuggled on the couch, pie in hand watching Pushing Daisies. Thanks to ABC for bringing this back to life (ha!). Visit the link to the site & watch an episode or two


Cheryl said...

We watched it when it first came on but ended up DVRing it and never seemed to get caught up. Depending on the schedule of our other 100000000000000 shows, we may have to give it another try.

Sans Pie.